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English Fruit Trifle

Substitutions are okay!...

If you’re a blueberry person, use fresh blueberries and our ‘Blueberry Preserves’,

raspberries and our ‘Raspberry Preserves’, etc

Baking the cake...

• We doubt you want to bake from scratch, so pick-up your favorite box mix for Angel Food Cake.

• Best cooked and cooled a day in advance.

The peaches...

• Mix one quart of fresh peaches (sliced) with one cup of sugar or splenda the morning of the day you plan to make your dessert. Place in the refrigerator and let it sit in for three to four hours. This

“macerates” the fruit to perfection.

The cream...

• Whip one quart of cream. When it is almost completely firm, add a half cup of confectioner’s sugar or splenda and half a jar of our ‘Peach Preserves’. Keep whipping until very firm (beyond “stiff peaks”).

Layering the cake...

• First - slice the Angel Food Cake in thirds.

• Second - place the first third into a container large enough to hold the cake.

• Third - spread a third of the cream mixture on top of the cake, then spoon a third of the peach mixture on top of the cream.

• Fourth - place the second third of cake on top, then a third of the cream and a third of the peach mixture.

• Fifth - place the remaining layer of cake on top, then the remaining cream and peach mixture.

• Sixth - garnish with mint.

• This is best when you allow it to sit for about two hours.

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